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Garrard & Co Ltd

Garrard has a unique history of luxury and grandeur, which it can trace back to its first Royal commission in 1735 when the firm's founder George Wickes was supplying silverware to Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales. It is well documented the remarkable service the firm has given to the British Royal Family over successive generations to the present day; and H.M. Tower of London is home to crowns and regalia that have been created by Garrard.

Garrard has a rich heritage and the challenge is to harness a unique past with modern day relevance, to ensure that we continue to design and create timeless pieces that epitomise luxury for clients across the world and look forward to being at your service.

Phone: 0870 871 8888
Fax: 0845 278 2830

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Garrard Enquiries
Phone: 0870 871 8888
Fax:      0845 539 1849

Warrants Held
Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths
HRH The Prince of Wales

Granted in 1989